Intimacy Killers

There are “serious” intimacy killers in marriage such as ...

* Lying 
* Technology 
* Loss of trust 
* Inability to express your needs and feelings 
* Not listening 
* Daily separate lives 
* Being self-centered 
* Angry arguments 
* Lack of touch 
* Lack of time

Okay, just so you know, we do believe our children are blessings in our lives and not burdens. We love our child with all our hearts, but while raising our daughter, we've had worked extra hard to have “us” time in our marriage. Here are a few things that have helped with the “children” intimacy killers …
* We work hard to eat together by ourselves several times a week. 
* We have a lock on our bedroom door. 
* We’ve always encouraged our children to sleep in their own beds … not in ours. 
* We have always looked for "opportunities" when we had the house to ourselves.
* We strive to "make" time for one another, not "find" time. 
* After our child leaves for school, we take a little time every morning to drink a cup of coffee together.
Those are just little things … but very important things. No matter what your intimacy killers look like, work hard to over come them because intimacy is a major glue in your marriage.

We're curious … does your “intimacy killers” list resembled ours?


  1. a LOT of them also sound like what can mess up our relationship with God

  2. Yes! Stress is a huge one for me.

  3. This is a good list. I would also add criticism. This is a deal breaker in my opinion and has been a very difficult obstacle in my own marriage. But God is faithful and still working on both of us. - Amy

  4. This is a great list. I'm glad you included technology in here too. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. We are with you. We made sure we dated often and worked together on things. we both worked outside the home, so we shared the work in the home too. it helped a lot.


  6. you are so right in life there are blurred lines but in a marriage while those lines may blur there are the dos and donts
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  7. My husband and I definitely need some us time. Hopefully we can have a date night sometime soon. It looks as if he's going to have to have surgery.


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