SoundPEATS Portable Bluetooth Speakers- Review

These speakers are a great budget choice for your portable music listening needs.
 It is easy to pair with any android or iOS device with Bluetooth connectivity.
 Just push the power button and simply pair.

You can choose between nice light blue coloured accented finish or a neon green accent. I personally love the light blue variant. and has some pretty impressive build quality, and is quite sturdy, durable, and has that rugged outdoor design. 
The physical music player buttons are on top for easy accessibility and the buttons are very tactile and satisfying to push.

The sound quality of the speaker is good in general. It performs pretty well when I play most types of music, such as pops, piano, but it does have a bit blunt and sometimes broken sound when playing strong bass music in close-to-maximum volume. 
That is normal for the size of the speaker. Although the speaker small, it is very powerful.
 I used the speaker in a 1000 sq ft room and I have no problem to hear clear sound from the speaker anywhere in the room even I put the speaker in the far end.

Connecting the speaker to your mobile device is easy and straightforward. The Bluetooth connection is stable within 8 meters distance but it has broken sound sometimes when the speaker is 12 meters from the sound source. The speaker can play around 8~9 hours at ¾ volume without interruption in my testing. Note that the speaker also has an aux-in port, which is a plus.

P2 comes fully charged so we were able to use right away and gave 8 hours of play time. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack, a micro SD cable to charge the device and a strap that can hook onto the side of the speaker.

This is one amazing speaker for the price and size I would recommend it. Two thumbs up

Please note, I was given this product, however, all views expressed here are my own, honest impressions of the product.

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