6 things Mandy Taught me

My dear sweet friend Mandy went home to be with Jesus on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, as a result of a horrible house fire. 

I was on Facebook and I started reading a post and I am like I know this person, she looks familiar, I was not looking clearly so early in the morning... then I realized this was my friend Mandy and her husband and 2 babies passed away. Her oldest two babies and her mother in law was able to escape the house fire.

The story

My dearest Mandy, ( author of Worshipful Living )
I am not sure these words are adequate to show my love and admiration for you. No matter what I needed you were there with words of encouragement, words that Jesus would speak, you live for him and now you can worship at his feet. We often question why the good die young but Jesus wanted you to worship at his feet.

6 Things you taught me

1) Do not be ashamed to be a Christian- let my light shine. Many times I would struggle with letting people know that I was a Christian, but after talking to you Mandy, I now let everyone know and people are so respectful and I love that.

2) How to pray- You taught me how to pray, you taught me to set up a prayer journal and talk to Jesus like a friend which he is.

3) It's OK to need a Mum break- life can sometimes get hard and we can get tired... we cook, clean, do homework, home school, plus all the other activities that kids need to do, it is OK to get a sitter and have a "day to refresh and rejuvenate"

4) How to share my faith- we had many a conversation about this. I have a desire to share my faith with my friends, you gave me many tips and some mini bible studies to share with them.

5) How to read my bible each day- I participated in your monthly scripture writing challenge, I am on my 2nd year and I am so happy to have 2 years worth of scriptures at the end of this year, every time I look at these books, you will be in my mind. 

6) You taught me how to love people and my husband better because the love you had for people and your husband always was clear to anyone who knew you.

Thank You, Mandy, Today I lived life differently. I smelled my child slowly, I chatted with them longer, I laughed more.... I spent the day talking to God and Thanking Him for everything... I asked God to please tell you what a wonderful legacy you left behind and how many lives you have touched in the last few days you have been gone.... You truly lived a life of Worship, just like your blog name  ðŸ’œhttp://women-of-worship.com

Rest in Peace my friend, Go rest high on that mountain, your work on earth is done, go to heaven rejoicing, you finished well, you are still speaking to us with your scheduled post, Mandy the post that has shown up in the past week have almost taken my breath away, they were hand picked by God because of course, he knew you would be in heaven. 

In Loving Memory of: 
Mandy 💜
Scott 💙
Judah 💚
Lizzie 💗

Forever Loved and in our hearts 

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  1. Awe I love your memories. I may not have met her in person but I have to agree that she also taught me to let my line shine with more confidence.

  2. Just like Mandy, we should never be ashamed of the gospel!

  3. She encouraged so many! Thankful for her heart for Christ and others.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful tribute to our daughter and her family.


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