Friday Date Night Idea

No technology night
This means no phone, ipad, computer etc.

Sit and have a heart to heart together, you can find all kinds of conversation starters on line such as:


and there are thousands more if you just do a basic google search. 


  1. And how many couples don't even do that? don't even take the time to have real talk, cos' they're SO gosh darned busy on those electronic thingies?

  2. Best idea EVER! Technology has come to be such a distraction (as I type on my phone using technology lol) that people tend to forget that getting the FULL experience in life is without the phone! There were times God would tell me to try and not take pix videos or selfies at some events i think is cool...and Im so glad He has done that! When I do, I miss the FULL experience my heart feels. Great post!

  3. I'm beginning to really become honest with the fact that technology can be a problem for both me and my husband. Disconnecting completely is so important.

  4. We have made the rule whenever we go our to eat the phones stay in the car. This way we can have uninterrupted conversation. If someone needs something they can leave a message or we can call them back in an hour. You have to keep the important things important.


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