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My cousin is currently going thru a horrible time with cancer and now chemo and radiation and she has lost all of her beautiful hair, her hair is something that she was proud of, it always looked just perfect and it took her hours in the morning to get ready, and in the blink of an eye almost it has all disappeared. When I found Divatress i knew I had to share this site with her so that she could pick out a new style for her and these wigs will not break the bank, they are a great price.


When people are going thru cancer, the worry about picking out the right wig should not be an issue as there are so many great options available now, any color or style that you will want can be found on Divatress

Now that being said, you do not have to have an illness to go out and get a wig, a lot of people will get Wigs just so they can have something different whenever they want, there are so many options for your hair, I usually just have the same style over and over but some days I do wish for another look, maybe I should purchase a wig and have a different look when ever I want. Would you ever buy a wig just to have a different non permanent style ( not that hair cuts are ever forever but you know what I mean)


  1. The wigs are beautiful (I would love a long black one) - and what a great website for everybody!

  2. My sister and I used to wear wigs all the time when wanting to change up our looks. I used to battle with the want to cut my hair just so that would be short but I knew I would want it long again...and then my sis found a wig that was short...YES! Lol good post!!

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  4. I would wear a wig to change it up and I get so impatient in having my hair grow longer. They have come such a long way! I say if Dolly Parton can wear one so can I! I'm checking out this place! Thanks for sharing!


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