Can you afford to get married?

For centuries, we’ve all followed the same relationship path. You date different people, then you finally find ‘the one’. You love them to pieces, and the two of you get married. It used to be non-debateable, but now there’s some debate over whether or not you should get married.

Money is usually at the centre of this argument. Some people worry they can’t afford to get married, so they put it off. To give you an idea of the expenses that come with marriage, take a look below:

Paying for the wedding

Of course, the wedding is a big expense that comes when you get married. Even before the wedding day, you have engagement rings to buy, which could cost thousands. Then, there's the wedding ring, the wedding dress, a suit for the groom, and all the other wedding expenses.  People rack up wedding bills that are as much as some people get paid in a year!

Paying for a house together

When you get married, you typically move into a house together that you both buy. Some couples already live together, while others might be waiting until marriage. Either way, buying a home is obviously expensive.

Paying for, well, life!

Then, you have to think about all the regular life expenses that rack up when you’re married. You have to buy food for two people, you have to pay your bills, a car (maybe even two cars), and so much more. For a lot of people, it’s simply not possible to get married because they can’t afford life!

Paying for children

Not literally, I mean paying for children when they come around - if they come around. Again, traditionally, children follow marriage. When you tie the knot, it’s a sign you want a future together, and you want to start a family. Children come with loads of expenses, so bear that in mind.

This might seem very doom and gloom, but there are other things to think about as well. Before you say you can’t afford to get married, have a look at these points:

Marriage means dual incomes

Getting married to someone means the two of you now have a combined income from both of your jobs. If you both continue to work, then you shouldn’t have any problems coping with the costs of married life. Especially if you were both coping find on your own beforehand!

Marriage gives you special benefits

Secondly, marriage means you get a few special benefits that can help you out financially. One example of this is with car insurance. Married couples can share the same insurance and save money. Plus, you may be entitled to better pension plans when you’re married so you can assure yourself of a stronger financial future.

So, can you afford to get married? Ultimately, if you’re not in a good financial position before getting married, then things will only get worse. But, if you’re both financially stable with good jobs, then there’s no reason you won’t continue in this vein as a married couple.

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