6 Things You Could Be Doing Besides Checking Social Media

We’re at a point in time where social media is a regular part of our everyday lives. Now
that we’ve known the distinct joy of posting a selfie and receiving external validation in the
form of “likes” and “follows,”
it can seem extremely hard to quit our addiction to social media and be present. Here are
six things to help limit your social media consumption.

1. Read
Put down your electronic device and pick up a book, newspaper, or magazine. It doesn’t
matter what the reading material is—carry it around in your bag and pull it out when you’re
waiting in line at the grocery store or mall; you can actually get through a ton of reading material
this way. You could also leave a book on your bedside table and do some light reading before
you go to bed. This will also help prevent you from staring at blue light on your phone screen
before you go to bed (which can tremendously improve your sleep).

2. Exercise
Another great way to stay off social media is to use the time you would be
spending on it to get moving.
Create a wellness routine, go for a walk or run, lift weights at the gym, or make up
some choreography to your favorite songs. However
you decide to work out, you’ll be too busy and focused on the exercise at hand to
scroll through social media.

3. Cook
It can be hard to make time to cook with our hectic lifestyles, and scrolling on social
media for an hour when you get home doesn’t help. Put your phone down, crack open a
recipe book, and try to make something new and delicious. You could also cut down on
social media usage by consistently meal prepping for work every Sunday.

4. See people in real life
This one needs no explaining. Meet up with someone on your lunch break, plan a happy
hour after work to get to know your co-workers, or call up a friend you haven’t talked to in
a while and make plans to hang out. There’s something so special about meeting up in
person instead of conversing through social media.

5. Clean your house
Go through all your stuff and Marie Kondo it all or just grab a trash bag and put some stuff in
there that you haven’t used in years. According to House Method, you should schedule any
home repairs that have been building up, deep clean cracks and crevices, and purge
your fridge, counters, and drawers of all clutter. Even by cleaning your house for
20 minutes every week can cut down on time you would be spending on social media.

6. Catch up on self improvement and self-care
Watch a TED talk, browse through articles that will help you learn how to reduce stress,
and do things that bring you joy. Consider meditating, taking a walk, catching up on your
skin care regimen, or going out in nature. Try these tips and you won’t even miss your daily
social media fix.

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