Don't Let Stress Win The Battle

Stress is a natural part of life. While psychologists tend to describe it as a physical and physiological response to a situation, what they actually mean to say is that you can’t live an entirely stress-free existence. Whether you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work or you’re struggling with a tight deadline, stress is everywhere and unavoidable.
Unfortunately, it’s not as much a matter of keeping stress at bay – because you can’t, no matter how hard you try – to stay happy and healthy. As you can’t escape stress, what you need to learn is how to handle a stressful situation in the best possible way. The secret to staying as sane and healthy as possible is to eliminate tensions and pressures before they break you. Here are some ideas to tackle everyday hurdles with a smile.

Stress makes you sick at so many levels
It’s easy to understand what stress does to your emotions, but you may not be aware of all the damaging ways it can affect your everyday life. You might find yourself snapping at your partner for no good reason, simply because you haven’t been able to manage pressures at work, for instance. You’ll also find that stress can create distance between you and your loved ones, which, in return, increases your stress level – it’s a vicious circle!
As stress can affect your ability to judge a situation, it can drive to make bad and costly decisions, both at work and as a driver. Taking the wheel when you’re stressed out increases the risk of accidents as you’re more likely to misread a situation. Even if you can rely on your analytical skills to avoid dangerous and impulsive actions, stressed individuals experience difficulties to stay focused for a long time. Ultimately, you end up making poor decisions because you were not able to concentrate. Now imagine not concentrating on the road and you can understand how much is at stake.
Physically, the effects can be just as harmful. Stress affects your thyroid, which can lead to hormonal imbalance, weight gain and weakened immune system. Additionally, chronic stress also affects your cardiovascular health, which can lead to heart disease and even strokes.

You need a coping mechanism
The best response to unexpected stress is to develop a coping mechanism that helps you to release pressure rapidly. Unfortunately, when it comes to coping solutions, most people end up developing unhealthy habits, not because they don’t care about their health, but because these habits provide substantial relief. Smoking is one of those beneficial evils that scientifically helps you to feel calmer and happier as it releases dopamine in the brain. However, regular exposure to tobacco is not a satisfying approach when it comes to relaxation. Unfortunately, if you’ve already developed the habit, you know that quitting cold turkey can increase your stress levels. But you can switch for a less-harmful alternative, such as vaping with a tasty choice of vape pen flavors from raspberry to melon. The vaping gesture also promotes the production of dopamine in the brain, while reducing your dependence to dangerous substances. If you’re trying to quit while struggling with a complex situation, it’s an excellent alternative to cut down on nicotine gradually.

You need someone to talk to
There’s no good reason why you should keep everything to yourself. If you don’t open up, the steam builds up, and you’re only going to feel worse. When something is bothering you and keeping you awake at night, you should find a trusted friend you can talk to. Venting is good for your mental health as long as you understand how to do it properly. Indeed, talking about your issues help you bond with others and also validate your feelings. It’s a positive way for you to get things out of your system. However, the secret to positive venting is to let it go once you’ve talked about it. There are so many wonderful therapist that you can now get in your area and they are great at listening

Find a hobby that works for you
De-stressing doesn’t mean that you have to face your emotions. On the contrary, you can distract your brain and help it to relax through a hobby that takes your attention away from problems. One of the favorite hobbies for grown-ups at the moment is coloring because of its simplicity. You become aware of each color and each shape and let your brain focus on these. It doesn’t solve the problems you may be facing in your life, but it certainly gives you the mental break you need to relativize and think clearly.

Laugh your stress off
Laughing may not be the best medicine for everything – you can’t cure a broken leg with a good joke, regardless of how hard you try – but it can do wonder to your mind. That’s precisely why you can find more and more laugh yoga classes around. Indeed, our hectic lifestyles sometimes make us forget the essential. Laughing releases endorphins and decreases stress hormones such as cortisol. So, if you’re feeling stressed, take the time to watch a funny video, read your favorite joke or merely do something silly with your best friend.

Sleep and stress have a mutual relationship
Typically, stress keeps you awake at night. However, did you know that the relationship between sleep and stress works in both ways? Indeed, lack of sleep can lead to hormonal imbalance, which can generate stress. So, if you’re the kind of person who goes to bed late and wakes up early, you might want to get your 8 hours sleep to relax.

Be kind to yourself
Last, but not least, it’s easy to fall for the trap of a fast-paced lifestyle and short deadline. You feel in a hurry all day long, and you don’t want to take time for yourself. In reality, not making time for the things you want and love can increase your stress levels. So take a deep breathe and book the afternoon at the spa or go shopping. There is no rule as long as you reward yourself.

In conclusion, you can’t eliminate stress from your life. But you can control the way you react to it, from choosing the most suitable coping mechanism to embracing hobbies that take your mind off things. Remember, each moment you come closer to peace and happiness is a battle you are winning against stress!

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