Cutting Energy Costs At Home

Most of us think about reducing energy costs during the winter. We spend time with our heating on all of the time, and we use lights more because it’s getting dark earlier and our bills rise. We’re keen to find ways to bring them back down without sacrificing our warmth. But, in reality, the best way to heat your home in the winter is with your heating turned on. One fantastic way to counter the costs of this, and make your bills more consistent throughout the year is to build up credit on your account during the warmer months, by using less. 

It can seem as though it’s harder to cut energy costs when it’s warmer, and you can’t just turn that thermostat down, but there is still plenty that you can do. 

Make it More Efficient

A more efficient home needs less power to run. If your water systems need repair, add an efficient Grundfos CR pump which could cut your water bills by up to 30%. If one of your appliances needs replacing, replace it with a more energy-efficient model, and when your light bulbs need replacing, go for a more efficient LED option. Some of these replacements might be costly short-term, but over their life, they could cut your bills drastically and make a worthwhile investment.

Turn Things Off

Do you turn your TV on to standby every night when you go to bed? Do you just close your laptop or turn your computer monitor off, leaving the device powered up? Appliances on standby might only use a minimal amount of power. But, all of those minimal amounts every day start to add up. Over a year, turning things off instead could save you money. And, with most modern technology, it actually only takes a few seconds longer to fully power down and turn on again when you need it. 

Install a New Boiler

If your boiler is over ten years old, it might be time to consider a replacement. An old boiler isn’t able to work as efficiently, and it isn’t as reliable. If it’s getting close to ten years, it’s bound to start costing more in repairs and services, and it can be cost-effective to replace it, even without factoring in reduced energy bills and boosted performance. 

Wash at a Cooler Temperature

Most of us are in the habit of just turning our washing machine to hot. It’s just what we’ve always done. You don’t need to. Wash at a cooler temperature. It’s better for your bills, the environment, and your clothes. Even better, ask yourself if they need washing at all? Underwear and socks should be washed every wear, but other garments only need washing if they are smelly, otherwise, ask if you could just wipe them down or brush them off?

Buy a Sweeping Brush

Similarly, your floors don’t need vacuuming every time they look a little messy, especially wooden floors and tiles that are easy to sweep. Get into the habit of spot cleaning, and you’ll plug you’ll hoover in less. 

Think About Your Water Usage

We take water for granted. We turn the tap on without thinking because it’s water, it will always be there. Start thinking about your usage and taking more care, and you could help to save water while reducing your bills. 

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