Saving Money On Big Things In Your Home

The cost of a home would look quite reasonable, if it was “all-inclusive”; that is, we didn’t have all those extra payments to make, such as those monthly bills, the cost of keeping the home well-decorated and in tip-top condition, and so on. Alas, that’s life -- they’re an essential part of the homeowner experience. However, even though we can’t banish the costs completely, there are things we can do to at least keep them to a minimum. Below, we take a look at some of the ways you can save money on the big expenses in your home. 

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The Furniture

Furniture isn’t cheap, and it doesn’t last forever, either. Every few years we have to replace it, which means losing a big chunk of our disposable income for a couple of months. There is a cheaper way to do it, however. You don’t need to just visit a furniture store and pick out whichever item you can afford! One of the best ways to keep the costs is to try your hand at upcycling, which involves buying a second-hand goods, and improving them yourself. This works especially well with wooden furniture (just adding chalk paint greatly improves the look), but you can also do it with couches, too. 

Home Appliances

Your furniture is at least largely decorative. Things become a little more complicated when it comes to your home appliances, which are the items you need to have in your home if it’s going to function at its best -- they’re non-optional. When one of them breaks, you’re generally looking at writing a big check to buy a replacement. However, before you resign yourself to getting out the credit card, see if it can be fixed. There are companies who specialize in a washer, dishwasher, or fridge repair. They’ll get the appliance back to full working condition, and save you the money and time it takes to replace these bulky items.

Wear and Tear

It doesn’t matter how well you’re looking after your home: you’re eventually going to run into issues of general wear and tear. When something goes wrong with our property, our first impulse is to look up a professional, and have them fix it. While there are some issues that you shouldn’t handle yourself (say, the electrics), others can be completed by someone who’s somewhat handy with DIY jobs. If you’ve never picked up a tool before, take a look at learning the basics -- you’ll find that you’re more capable than you thought. 

Monthly Expenses

You think you have X amount of money, and then all the monthly household bills come in, and you figure out that you actually have Y amount, which is always significantly less. While you can’t banish those monthly bills entirely, you can keep them to a minimum by reducing your energy usage, cutting any services that you don’t really need (such as cable), and all-around managing all the bills. A simple check to see if it’s possible to save money might result in big savings. 

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