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Getting ready for a road trip with the family? While it all sounds so great in theory at least, the practicalities of bundling everyone up in the car and driving hundreds of miles can be challenging. But it can also be fun, lots of fun. From car games to car picnics, taking naps to discovering new places, a road trip together can create family memories that last a lifetime.

In this short blog we take a look at some of the practical considerations to consider before you embark on a cross-country trip with your loved ones.

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Pack Like a Professional

This is where your road trip is won or lost, with the preparations. If you thought it was a simple case of throwing a few suitcases in the back and hitting the road, think again. This is where you need to play to your best strengths. Let the packing king or queen make sure everything is where it should be but let your car trunk organiser take over when it comes to loading up.

You’ll need to divide your packing into three sections. The cases that contain all the clothes and toiletries you’ll need later down the line, the in-car bags that contain everything you need to pass the time and make your trip more comfortable and your snacks, food and drink bag. Oh and it’s essential to throw in a bag for trash. Your car can all too easily turn into a trash can on wheels after several hours’ worth of snack consumption.

When it comes to children, let them wear whatever they feel most comfortable in, including pyjamas. There’s no need to wear shoes, though you should know where to get hold of them easily when it comes to leaving the car at rest stops.

If you can, pack a duvet and of course any favourite teddy bears, pacifiers and so on.


You have several options when travelling with younger members of the family. We recommend audio books as a great way for all the family to be involved with the story. You can download these on to your phone to play through your car’s stereo or buy CDs relatively cheaply.

Older children might enjoy listening to them on their own devices. Reading isn’t a great idea and as tempting as it is to lose yourself in a good book it can often lead to feeling car sick.

If you’re looking for total absorption then set up a screen between your two front seats and rig up an iPad or tablet to show movies. Get hold of a splitter that can accommodate two or more headphone sockets and you’ll have total quiet as your children get lost in a movie or two.

Be Prepared

Got your breakdown cover sorted? How about your medical first aid kit? Take a look along the route for emergency rooms and check out accidentcare.com should you need medical treatment in a hurry. It might seem like overkill but far better to have too much information than not enough.

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