Guest post- 5 Architectural Cladding Designs You Should Definitely Consider For Your Home

Most people do not have a proper idea about architectural cladding; it is actually an application of one kind of material over another type providing an extra layer of protection. This can be developed of several materials from wood, brick, metal to vinyl and composite. The natural utilization of cladding is to work as either weather resistance or provide thermal insulation. Today exterior designers and Architects are designing claddings in such a way that it not only provides protection but also has an impressive appearance. Proper cladding helps in building a rudimentary structure for your home that can sustain heat, sun and rain.

Here are a few of the cladding designs that you should definitely consider for your home:


1. Wooden cladding: Today wood cladding is extremely popular in the market due to its sustainable material and practical design. This type of cladding design has an aesthetic beauty and it also acts as a natural insulator which helps to keep your house cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Wooden cladding way more environment-friendly then other materials and due to these added benefits, your property value can increase with time. Light and heavy wooden beams can work best if you do not have to fear the intrusion by pests.

 2. Stone Cladding: Nowadays several new Architects and homeowners are opting for stone cladding and the reason being that it is not only cost-effective but has a practical design. Stone cladding provides a rustic appeal to your home which brings out a unique aesthetic beauty giving your exterior an earthy natural hue. Stone cladding is thin materials of simulated or natural stone which are utilized to cover your outer walls. Both of these provides the same aesthetic appeal, but the simulated stone is way cheaper than the natural ones. 


3. Fiber Cladding

Cladding can also be economical and budget friend, in that case, you can opt for fiber cement cladding which is actually a proportionate mixture of sand, cellular, cement, and fibers.  This combination is a lightweight material which does not put much strain on your outer walls. This fiber cement cladding is somewhat fireproof, insect-proof and low maintenance which increases its popularity. Fiber is a good choice when it comes to adding less expensive items to your building material.


4. Ceramic claddings

 The ceramic cladding has been popular for a long time as it has a history linking it with the ancient Egyptian architectures. Today it is brick slip system or ceramic rain-screen cladding which is not only good for protecting your walls but also has an aesthetic appeal to it. Generally, ceramic claddings are utilized on Museum or University walls.


5. 3D Cladding

Today you will find 3D architectural cladding everywhere on several buildings, business structures, and apartment complexes. This is absolutely the modern type of architectural cladding and a magnificent invention of modern architecture. They can be made up from cement to vinyl or even glass to make the appearance way more impressive. Generally, the bendable materials are structurally placed to give off a 3D outer effect. Reno bond, composites and Auto Bond are mixed materials that give a more durable structure to your cladding.


There are several other types of cladding which are not only common but economical. Some of the most popular ones are brick, metal and cement cladding. Brick cladding is cheaper and can be designed in several patterns or colors, this is considered the most classic of cladding designs. In the case of metal and cement cladding, both of them are utilized for industrial Infrastructures. Metal claddings work really well with wooden claddings and can coexist harmonically, whereas cement claddings are precast panels that can be utilized to sculpt exterior models.


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