Why Don't You Spend More Time As A Couple Anymore?

For 8 hours we sleep and for 8 hours we work. That leaves us 8 hours during the weekdays to ourselves. Well that’s not really true. We rarely get 8 hours to ourselves because we’re always doing something. We might get off work after 8 hours, but then it's 30 minutes to get home or possibly more. Then you have errands to run and chores to do around the house. Before you know it that 8 hours of time to yourself has dwindled to but a fraction. Where does that leave you as a couple? If both people are working and living busy lives, other things can takeover the relationship. This isn’t healthy for you mentally and you start to feel like roommates rather than lovers. But is it always life that gets in the way or could it possibly be a bunch of other barriers that stop you from spending more time together?

A cheap and lazy thrill

As society has evolved and transformed over the centuries, we have become more open about our desires and fantasies. Talking about your needs and wants in the bedroom has come off the shelf of taboo subjects not to be publicly discussed and made their way into the mainstream. We’re a lot more open about these sorts of things now. To this avail the internet has allowed us all to access content of a sexual nature. However this has led to some people becoming consumed by it and accessing pornography websites every single day. This can lead to a withdrawal from real sexual activity with partners. More and more is being understood about pornography addiction and how it affects the human psyche. There are resources you can use that will show you the signs of which to look out for if you are having such issues in your bedroom. 

The classy night

Staying in watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime and eating a home cooked meal tends to get boring after a year or two. There used to be nights when you went out for a high-class meal and fine dining. You both got dressed up in high-end fashion, he wore a suit and you wore a dress or evening gown. It was special, it was classy. Doing something like this whereby yes you do spend a little extra money for the finer things in life, but it's special. A classy night on the town should be made by both of you. Go and see a high-quality theater production, follow it up by a nice walk in a beautiful part of the city and then headed off to a Michelin star restaurant. Make a night out of it and don’t be afraid to get all nostalgic. Talk about the memories you have together when you first met and couldn’t keep away from each other. 

Sometimes it's problems in the bedroom that actually start outside that cause couples to spend less time together. Other times it's simply when you’re both not being creative and enjoying the finer things in life.

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