Unhealthy Ways Of Coping With Stress'

Stress is something everyone has to deal with. From grumpy bosses to chronic illnesses, the world is full of stressors, after all. Unfortunately, the effects of stress are countless and varied. Stress is associated with many serious health conditions, including asthma, depression, heart disease, obesity, and even cancer. What’s worse, our reactions to stress and its effects can cause more harm. With that in mind, here are six unhealthy ways people often cope with stress. 

1. Lashing Out At Others
When overwhelmed by stress, many people express their feelings by taking them out on others. While this strategy might dull the worry for some time, it will eventually make you feel worse. After upsetting someone you care about, you will feel guilty, which would add to any stress you already feel. Rather than getting angry at a friend, you should talk to them about what’s going on. 

2. Sleeping The Day Away
Sleep is essential for a healthy life. If you don’t get enough rest each day, it would have serious consequences, including stress. However, we can sometimes change our sleeping habits to cope with stress too. Sleeping in every morning and taking naps throughout the day is just as harmful as staying up late. Make sure you stick to healthy sleep habits to avoid health issues. 

3. Eating A Tasty Snack
Food can quickly become a crutch during hard times. Grabbing an unhealthy snack every time you get stressed would leave you associating that negative emotion with eating. Before long, you’ll be reaching for food every time you feel troubled, which would cause weight gain and other problems. If you’re struggling with healthy eating and food issues, there is expert help available. 

4. Smoking Cigarettes All Day
Nicotine dependence affects millions of people all over the world. Many of us turn to cigarettes when we feel stressed or frustrated. While the effects of smoking are incredibly dangerous, there are many quitting methods you could try. Some people ditch cigarettes for a vape mod, like the innokin mvp 5. Vaping allows you to lower your nicotine strength slowly to wean yourself off it. 

5. Making Huge Life Changes
Anyone feeling overwhelmed shouldn’t be making any huge life changes. After all, making a decision while you aren’t thinking clearly means you’re likely to regret your choices later. Because of this, you must make sure that your house, job, and hairstyle stay exactly the same for now. If you still believe a change is needed when you’re in a better headspace, then go for it. 

6. Pretending Nothing Is Wrong
Dwelling on negative feelings certainly isn’t healthy. However, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore the way you feel instead. By not addressing the problems bothering you, they could be made much worse. Taking time away from the issue can give you perspective, but you must return to it eventually. Make sure that you ask for help when you do, rather than going it alone. 

Our reactions to stress can make it much worse, so make sure that you avoid the unhealthy coping habits listed above. 

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