Why behind every Great Man is an Even Better Woman

Scientists have busted a myth that opposites attract. Employees at the University of Liverpool conducted a study, thanks to which they found out that we love those who are like ourselves. And the longer the couple lives together, the more they become alike. To find out this fact, experts asked 11 men and 11 women to look at photographs of 160 couples. The participants in the experiment had to evaluate the age, attractiveness, and similarity of people in the pictures.

The photos of wives and husbands were shown to the subjects separately so that they did not know who they were married to. So, during the experiment, the "appraisers" noted that men and women who are spouses are very similar to each other, have almost the same features faces. But that`s not all. The longer the couple lives together, the more they become alike. The effect is enhanced several times if the relations in marriage is happy.

Experts believe that the outward similarity of husband and wife is because, with constant close contact, people begin to borrow facial expressions of each other. For example, if one of the partners has a good sense of humor, he has developed muscles around his mouth. The second spouse, communicating with him, smiles more often and, accordingly, uses the same muscles more. True, in most cases, people intuitively choose for themselves a partner who has a set of genes similar to their own.

Consequently, spouses may initially have certain similarities that become even more noticeable over time. Also, you should not discount the same lifestyle, borrowing some habits and hobbies by a husband from a wife and vice versa, spending time together as such. Bad and healthy habits are also an object of copying.

For example, if a woman quits smoking, then it is very likely that soon her companion will quit smoking too.
The same situation is with working out in the gym or, for example, doctor appointments. If one started, the second would certainly repeat. Spouses do this not individually, but only by inertia. And the longer a family exists, the less consciously imitation occurs.

According to scientists, spouses with a similar set of genes have a much better life together. Besides, such families have much fewer cases of child abuse. And in general, people behave more decently and more responsible concerning their other halves with similar genes.

Of course, genetic similarity must also have specific boundaries; otherwise, it will harm the offspring. It is not for nothing that in many countries, marriages between close relatives are prohibited - diversity is significant for a good gene pool.

How do we choose a genetically similar partner? Experts say that we use the role model of the family in which we grew up. In other words, the girl subconsciously searches for herself a husband who will be similar to her father. Genetics and common interests are of great importance because it is significant for us who we will grow old together, and not just give birth to children. A person needs to spend the rest of his life with a partner who will be similar to oneself and one`s role model (father or mother).

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