Preventing Those Pests From Hitting Your Home

The weather is turning which means, for a lot of us, that a lot of pests are going to start coming out of the woodwork. Rather than simply waiting for the problem to hit your home and your garden, you should be taking steps to prevent it instead. Here are five tips that can help you do just that.

A sealed home is a safer one
Simply put, the fewer breaches in your home’s exterior, the less likely it is that insects will find a way to crawl inside. It’s also a lot better for your HVAC systems, making you spend less money since the home lets less heat in or out. Draught sealing the home is all about looking for air gaps, usually around the windows and door, and caulking them closed.

Give your garden a tidy
The more overgrown your garden is, the more cover that any pests have to reach your home. They love long grass, they love standing water, and they especially love overgrown trees, all of which helps them move in closer to door and gutters. While trimming the lawn and clearing any water that’s left standing is easy, a tree company can make sure you’re safely managing those branches, too. Otherwise, they can practically give insects a bridge to your windows and gutters.

Give yourself less garden to deal with
There are more permanent ways to make your garden less of a pest risk, as well. Simply put, the more greenery there is, the more likely there are to be creepy-crawlies and even the occasional small mammal hiding out in there. As such, you can give yourself less garden to give them less of a home. Adding some paving, a deck, or a stone patio to the garden can push the pests way back from the home. There’s less likely to hang out in the open on non-organic materials.

Ventilation is key
Most pests, especially the buggy kind, love humid, dark, and isolated environments. Many of them are weak to dehydration as a result of dry air, and those environments give them the perfect place to nest, especially in your basement, attic, or crawl space. As such, taking the time to ventilate the attic or other isolated, dank parts of the home can make sure that pests aren’t given the welcome mat.

Install bug screens

Want to keep a window open in summer, but don’t want bugs coming in? Installing bug screens over windows can allow air to still pass through while keeping out insects. These are layers of fine fabric mesh that usually roll out like a roller blind. Screen rooms are another option for keeping outdoor areas bug-free. There are companies that can help design and install these for you.

Mind that garbage
While it might not very appetizing to you, leaving any garbage or foodstuffs lying out in the open is a very easy way to attract the bugs that will gladly feed on it. Make sure you’re using sealed containers for your trash and dispose of it as regularly as possible if you don’t want wasps, flies, and other insects getting a free meal.

You can’t prevent every single pest incursion, of course, but you can make sure that it’s a lot less likely that you will be having any uninvited guests in the near future, at the very least. Follow the tips above and always be vigilant for the signs of any pest infestations.

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