5 Crucial Safety Tips for Women Going on Solo Road Trips

Road trips can often be the most fun, exciting and liberating travel experiences, as they give you complete freedom to design the ideal vacation that’s perfectly suited to your wishes and needs. However, when you’re a woman traveling alone, you might need to take care of a few security aspects first, if you want your holiday to be as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Here are some of the most crucial safety tips for any woman going on a solo road trip:

1. Plan your route in advance

Research the places you want to visit, and make a detailed travel plan in advance. This includes avoiding any trouble areas, such as dangerous roads and high-crime neighborhoods, as well as finding safe and dependable rest stops for refueling, going to the bathroom or restocking on essentials, to ensure your security on the road. Apart from avoiding rush hours and areas of high traffic, make it a point to install a GPS device in your car as well, to help you stay on track, even on unfamiliar roads.

2. Prepare your car for the road

Before you hit the road, it would be wise to take your vehicle to a mechanic, and have them perform a thorough check-up of your car, including the brakes, battery, spark plugs, tire pressure and tread, oil levels, as well as other fluids. Such a check-up is quick, simple and affordable, but it will give you some necessary peace of mind during your travels. It would also be a good idea to add a paint protection film over your car, to make any dirt and splatter easier to clean, while protecting your vehicle from marks and scratches, as well as sun damage on the road.

3. Stock up on essentials

Pack enough healthy snacks, water, and other drinks in your car to get you through the road trip, in order to avoid making unplanned stops in unfamiliar and potentially unsafe places. Don’t forget to prepare your favorite albums, make a few playlists or even download some audiobooks before you head out on your trip. Not only will this help entertain you on the road, but it will also lift your spirits, and make you feel less alone while driving by yourself.

4. Choose accommodation wisely

Do thorough research before your road trip, and only choose safe and reliable accommodation options that have plenty of positive reviews. Make it a point to arrive during the daytime, to avoid going through deserted parking lots at night, and try to book a room near an elevator, so you don’t have to take long walks along empty hallways. It would also be wise to pack a rubber door wedge, or any other handy device that could block your hotel room door, and ensure your safety and security when spending the night alone in a hotel.

5. Follow basic safety rules

Self-defense doesn’t only represent striking back at an attacker; it also means making good choices and using smarter tactics, in order to avoid getting into a dangerous situation in the first place, which is absolutely essential when you’re a woman traveling solo. You should also make sure to have a drop leg holster on you, to conceal any weapon you might be carrying and to allow for easy access if you are in a dangerous situation.  If you’re going to make friends, approach a group of people, rather than single ones, and don’t be afraid to ask them for help when needed. Never drink and drive, or get into a car alone with a stranger, and always park in a safe, well-lit spot. These safety rules might sound like cliché, but they work.
With all the safety precautions in place, it’s time to relax, and fully enjoy your wonderful solo road trip. Don’t be afraid to leave in some room for spontaneity as well, as the best and most beautiful memories are usually unplanned.

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