5 Easy Tips for Improving Your Marriage

Healthy and happy marriage is not something you can win on a lottery—it’s a wonderful thing in your life you need to nurture, work on, protect and invest in. However, between kids, work and various other obligations, it can often be very hard to find time to work on your partnership which can cause a lot of relationship problems. Luckily, you don’t have to rush to divorce your partner as soon as issues arise. Of course, some couples just aren’t made for each other, and that’s completely okay, but others can make a conscious choice to work on their marriage. If you want to stay together and work through your problems or just do something that will freshen up your marriage, here are some things you can do.

Be open about finances

Make sure to share your worries and goals when it comes to finances, savings and spending. If you avoid this subject, money can quickly come between you two and cause various issues in your marriage. No matter if your budget is tight or if you live more than comfortably, you need to know how to manage your finances. There are practical financial workshops, meetings with financial planners and saving consultants who can help you with your money and get both you and your spouse on the same page when it comes to finances.

Share chores

In order to have a clean AND harmonious home, you need to work together to achieve this. Chores need to be shared, especially if you both work a full-time job. And don’t think vacuuming and doing dishes are only household chores you can share: there is home maintenance, shopping, yard work, event planning, child care and many other shared responsibilities you must do together. A buildup of chores can create stress for both of you, so it’s better to come up with a good schedule that will keep every type of clutter at a minimum.

Improve your love life

Ending up in a sexless marriage is not fun for anyone, so don’t neglect intimacy between you and your partner. If you’ve been married for a long time, it’s natural that those showers of lust turned into occasional sprinkles, but there are always things you can do to make it pour again. Think about finding fun sex toys online, lingerie, fun costumes and naughty accessories that will make your bedroom games spicy. Of course, libidos differ, so finding a solution that keeps both partners happy, such as this sex doll head, could also help to reignite the spark and get you both enjoying sex and intimacy with eachother once again. You just have to choose what you want and wait until it gets delivered to your doorstep (discretely, of course).

Communicate every day

Sure, Netflix and Instagram are fun, but try to keep them at a minimum when you’re with your spouse. Instead, have a real conversation with them and talk about everything from your days at work to your dreams and frustrations. Good communication is very important for intimacy, so make sure to give your thoughts a voice and listen to what your partner has to say. A sincere talk during dinner or before bed can do a lot of good for your marriage.

Give each other space

Sex therapist Susan Bratton from XN DOLL advises clear communication, realistic expectations, and regular check-ins for healthy relationships.  Spending time together is important for every marriage, but too much time together can feel too controlling. So make sure to carve out some space and time for yourself when you feel overwhelmed. And remember to return the favor and hold the fort at home while your spouse has a fun night out with friends. You can also take turns running errands with kids, so you can regularly have an hour for yourself at home. 

Marriage is all about communication and cooperation, so make sure to invest some time and effort into it. All of these tips will allow you to keep your freedom and individuality while ensuring your marriage is healthy and full of happiness and harmony.

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