6 Ways To Prepare Your Home for Winter

 Every homeowner has to face the harsh reality of the changing seasons. The cold season is incredibly stressful since it can mean a power outage, overworked furnace or burst pipes, especially when there is heavy snowfall. It can also lead to higher energy bills. 

Fortunately, there are a few precautions that you can take to prepare your home for winter and reduce the occurrence of these inconveniences. They include the following.

  1. Check Your Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

Most air conditioning and heating systems typically last for over 12 years. However, their longevity generally depends on how they are maintained. Before the onset of winter, it is essential to take time to make minor adjustments, such as changing your filters. 

It would also help if you got your systems inspected by a professional HVAC contractor. They check the systems and ensure they are functional. You should also consider more affordable heating options to save on bills in winter. For instance, you can have a local propane distributor install a propane furnace in your home to keep you warm in the winter. 

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  1. Insulate Pipes

Exposed pipes that run across unheated areas such as the basement, walls or crawl spaces can be a potential hazard in winter. The water in the pipes can freeze when temperatures are very low and eventually burst. 

That is why it is important to insulate them to prevent such occurrences. Fortunately, the insulation process is a simple one. You can get the insulation material from the hardware and cut it to fit the pipe's length. You can then secure it with some duct tape if necessary. 

  1. Check Trees Around Your Home

Any tree branches growing over power lines, garages, driveways, and your roof have the potential to cause substantial damage in the case of a storm. It is, therefore, essential to spot them and have them cut down before winter begins. 

Ensure that you also deal with any branches rubbing together because they can break easily during a storm. Look out for signs of dead limbs and cut them down as well. 

  1. Insulate Your Windows

A significant amount of the heat lost from your home finds its way out through windows and doors. Ensuring that there are no air leaks from your doors and windows in the winter can save a significant amount from your heating bill. 

Seal around the edges and cracks that develop around the windows using waterproof caulking to keep the heat where it belongs. 

  1. Clean the Gutters

Any debris or leaves clogging the gutters can freeze into a big icy mass and damage the roof.  You can help prevent this by cleaning the gutters to let water flow freely to the drain.

When climbing up to the roof, ensure that you are comfortable on the ladder or get friends or family members to support you. A leaf blower can help speed up this process, but you may still have to use your hands to finish up the job. If you haven't currently got a leaf blower, you might want to read this Worx WG546 Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower Review with the intention of purchasing one, as it will certainly make your life easier. It is also a great tool to have for leaves scattered across the yard. If you feel like you are not up to the task of climbing up a ladder to the roof, you can always find a handyman that offers the service.

Your home should be a cozy haven that you enjoy, even during the harsh winter conditions. Applying the above tips can help you to achieve that. 

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