5 Things You Should Regularly Check On Your Car

Checking your car regularly is the only way to ensure its on-road safety. Namely, whether you have control of your vehicle and how it acts under different road conditions will be determined by the state of its tires, its oil and your car’s overall condition. Also, maintenance will directly affect your household budget because it will let you choose whether you want to pay smaller sums regularly or be forced to make a massive investment to get your c koar back in order. All in all, here are the top five things you should regularly check on your car.

  1. Tires

This part is quite intuitive, seeing as how your car tires get flat, worn out and need to be replaced depending on the season. Moreover, they don’t get worn out evenly, which is why you might want to rotate them even before they’re due for a replacement. There are many reasons why this is so important. First, tires are essential for the safety of your car and the control that you have on the road. Second, tires affect driving satisfaction, seeing as how on-road friction is something you can definitely sense. Lastly, tires may also affect your fuel economy.

  1. Oil

When discussing things that need to be checked on your car on a regular basis, oil is right after the tires. Keep in mind that this is a bit tricky. Some people are able to do it themselves, but thankfully you can take it to an oil change shop like SmogMart if you are one of those who doesn't feel comfortable doing it yourself. On the one hand, there are rules that you should replace car oil past a certain mileage (5,000–7,500 miles), however, over time, your oil might lose some of its properties. Also, synthetic oil lasts more than 15,000 miles without needing change. Furthermore, the viscosity of the oil in question may be important for the exterior temperature. So, pay attention to your oil and check it rather than let yourself be guided by numbers.

  1. General car inspection

Another thing you should pay attention to is the general inspection of your vehicle. Why is this so relevant? Well, there are some parts of the car which don’t give signs of damage. When not fastened, some parts will rattle but other forms of malfunction may be more dangerous to diagnose. When this happens, you need to be ready to make a repair. In order to save money and avoid the likelihood of getting scammed by a mechanic, you might want to buy auto parts online. For instance, if you’re driving a Ford, you should look for online suppliers of Ford parts that deliver in your region.

  1. Wiper fluid

Depending on the local climate occurrences, chances are that you might have to turn on your wipers quite often. You need to check your fluid levels every 5,000–7,000 miles. This is approximately the same distance after which you would check your car’s oil, which gives you a chance to be more systemic. In order to schedule this appropriately, thus doing yourself a great favor, you should check all your car fluids at the same time.

  1. Antifreeze or coolant

Your car will act differently based on the season. What you need to do is create conditions in which your vehicle can always give you its best. In some scenarios, this comes down to pouring antifreeze or coolant. This will help your car work even under extreme situations. Both antifreeze and coolant can be bought at virtually every gas station but it’s not a bad idea to have a reserve in your garage/trunk, just in case.

Taking care of your car may determine your own on-road safety, as well as the safety of your family. Since you’re a part of the traffic, it may also help keep others safe. Other than that, it also determines the cost of your car’s maintenance because negligence will end up costing you more in the long run. Lastly, the key points to focus on are your tires, car fluids (of various sorts) and taking your car to regular maintenance. A combination of DIY effort and a professional inspection is the best way to handle this.

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