Caring For A Senior Parent: Here's How To Do It'

 One of the easiest things to forget as you grow up and move out is your parents. Believe it or not, most people forget that their parents aren't invincible. You may have grown up looking at your parents and thinking that they would live forever, but it's not going to happen: they get older and more vulnerable, and sometimes it means more information, too. Some people get to their old age and they're perfectly capable of looking after themselves until they die. Others dont have the same luck.

If you start noticing a decline in the movement and mental capabilities of one of your parents, then you may decide that it's your turn to step up and look after them - just as they once did for you. It's a part of life, senior care, but that doesn't mean that you know where to start - or that it's easy. And that's ok!

You are likely not a trained carer, so you won't necessarily know what to do or where to begin with getting this right. Below, we've got five excellent ways you can care for your senior parents. Alongside this, if you feel you're not capable to take on this task, you can research the variety of care options such as in home senior health services to see what the next best step will be for your parents.

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Be There. Sometimes, even if you are not there to care for them in a personal manner, just your presence can be a helping hand. Senior parents can often feel like a burden to you and, depending on their condition, they can feel aggressive over the fact that they can no longer think or move as they would like.
When you take the time to talk and just be there for one of your parents who is now unable to
look after themselves, they'll see that you truly do care for them, which helps them feel
supported and they will feel more positive as a result.

Be Prepared. Preparing yourself for the rigours of being a carer is so important if you want to put your all into this endeavor. This may not be your day job, but that doesn't mean that you can't be prepared. Take a course in First Aid and any other emergency situations that allow you to be there and keep your parents comfortable should something happen. You can even train as a carer if you want to!

Be Aware. Awareness doesn't just begin and end with the comfort of your parents. You must be aware of safety issues surrounding their environment. Adding rails and ramps could mean the difference between freedom of movement and being in hospital with a broken ankle. If you know the daily habits of your parents, then you can see when something goes wrong without worrying. You'll notice any illness or forgetfulness, symptoms of isolation and more.

Be Kind. It's gruelling to be a carer for a senior parent, but you need to be kind to yourself. The heartbreak you may feel caring for someone who was once so strong can be difficult but it's not impossible and you have to have the self-belief that you can do this.

Be Creative. There are so many ways that you can entertain a senior parent stuck at home. Think about keeping their hands and minds active, from coloring and baking to knitting and playing with jigsaws. When you help your parent to get creative, you give them a little chance to be more active once more.

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