What Men Want: How To Draw The Right Crowd When Dating

What Men Want: How To Draw The Right Crowd When Dating

We all want to find our special someone. To be able to settle down and enjoy the rest of our lives knowing we made a good decision on who to share it with. However, with times as they are it can be difficult to get out there and do it. So people turn online, which has its own ups and downs. How do you even begin to attract the kind of guy who would end up being a keeper? Well, if we know what a man wants in a relationship (be it acting as a sugar daddy or something a little more committed) it becomes a little easier overall. 

Men Tend To Pick On Looks And That’s Just How It Is

There have been a lot of studies done on what men look for first in a partner, and while other factors become a major player down the line their first choices will always steer towards looks. It’s a strange thing, but also very human. We want to be around nice things, and beautiful people tend to get a bit of an easier time of things as the world goes. With this in mind, though, be sure to pick photos that show off your best sides. Keep it sharp, and work on your angles to make sure you’re looking the best you can for these times.

Put Your Personality Out There

Here comes the interesting part. In these studies that have been done, there is another factor that helps men decide if they like someone or not. Personality. If a picture comes with context, or shows a lot of the individual’s self off, then they can make a better judgement about them and decide if they would be compatible, and on what level that would be. From friends to lovers, and anywhere inbetween, this second factor is vital for dating. So make sure to put yourself out there as you are, and write a little about yourself to show them there’s more than a pretty face on offer!

Know Your Limits And Stick To Them

So, you’ve made your profile, edited your best pictures to show your features, written all about yourself and what you’re looking for. Now the guys have come into your DMs and are messaging you all sorts of things. But then you get one asking for something that may not sit right with you. It could be benign, it could be sexual, it could be anything at all, but it doesn’t sit right with you. Still, you don’t want to lose that person as someone to talk to. It makes sense. We’re human. We all want attention, and to be a focus of said attention. That’s understandable, but don’t let it warp who you are and what you are willing to put up with and do. You need to look after yourself as you go about all of this, so if something makes you uncomfortable then disengage. You’re under no obligation (unless otherwise established) to do anything that they want, so if you don’t want to then simply do not comply. At the end of the day, you deserve better than any strange treatment like that after all.

These are a few points that guys look for when it comes to dating, be it online or offline. It is by no means an extensive list, but that’s the beauty of dating people, learning and loving about them. You never stop growing from the experience. So don’t be afraid to make some mistakes as you go about your life, and feel confident in who you are and how you put yourself out there. You’ll find the one for you, it just takes time and a little effort, but there is only one of you in the world at the end of the day!

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