This past Thursday my husband sent me an email and planned to take me away for the weekend as my Dr recommended, I become unplugged from social media and people for a weekend. .

So, we booked a sweet little bed and breakfast ( the big axe bed and breakfast) about an hour outside of town. I left work at 4 pm, we went to dinner at my favourite East side Mario’s, then we got a car wash and headed out. 

The room had a gorgeous sun room that over looked the river although frozen, still beautiful, I want to go back there some day and just write for a day while drinking tea.

The room had a jacuzzi tub (which I love), we watched some TV, ate some snacks and just hung out together with no other obligations or responsibilities.

I was so relaxed and peaceful.  Even though it was not a long getaway, it was what my heart needed. 

For some time, I have been very anxious and we are trying to find things that bring me Joy, and one thing we all know that brings me joy is being with my husband. 

 He is so good to me; he knows just how to fill my cup even when I feel like I am running on empty.  

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