Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer'

 It’s crazy to think about it, but summer is on it’s way and within a blink it will be here. During the winter months your garden can take a battering due to bad winds and weather, meaning now is the time to start thinking of getting your garden ready. Some projects within your garden may take longer, such as landscaping, or getting decking put in. Whereas some jobs will be quicker like repainting or repairing fences. Below are four things to consider when getting your garden ready for the summer months. 

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Repainting Your Shed 

What condition is your shed currently in? Has the wind and rain started to take its toll on it, causing it to look a little tired? Chances are yes, which makes this the perfect thing to start with when getting your garden ready for the summer months. The easiest things to do with your shed is to repaint it. You can either completely change the colour and add a different dimension to your garden, or simply repaint it the same colour to refresh it and make it look new again. Luckily, whichever option you choose for is very affordable and achieved on a reasonable budget. 


What is the lighting situation within your garden? If you haven’t installed lights before, you should as they are great for lighting up key areas of your garden at night but also to add some dynamics to your garden during the evening. Most lighting doesn’t require any power sockets as they are solar powered, and as mentioned above can be very affordable. You can also be creative with your lighting and drape it over your trees if you have any in your yard. If you need any inspiration for your lighting, take a look on pinterest for ideas. 

Garden Furniture 

Do you have any furniture in your garden? Why not treat yourself to some this summer! Furniture doesn’t have to be expensive, but by purchasing some you will be more likely to spend more time in your garden as a family or with your friends. Well placed furniture like birdbaths, table and chairs or ornament all make the garden look more busy and appealing to be in. However, that said sometimes less is more so don’t overcrowd your garden with accessories and try not to make getting your garden ready for summer stressful. 


For many plants, now may not be the best time to start planting them as you don’t want them to get damaged by the bad weather. That said, you can start thinking about what you want and where it’s going to be. Try and put together a mood board of colours that you would like in your garden to brighten it up and make it look more welcoming and presentable. Once the weather starts to become nicer you can then go out and buy them, knowing they will look good in your garden.  

What changes will you be making in your garden this summer? Have you thought about anything from the above? Let me know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you. 

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