Remembering Those Newborn Days'


When you have just had a brand new baby, it can be difficult to remember these moments. You wouldn't think so given the fact that a new baby is such a transitional and transformational time in life. You are transformed as a person when you have a new child, but your whole life is going to change. The way in which you look after a child, the way in which you look after yourself everything changes.


Trying to remember the way that you felt, the things that you saw, the way your baby looked, these aren't easy things to remember. They say that childbirth is a blur, and they are right. The good news is that, however, you can remember these newborn days. You may be exhausted; you may think that everyday bleeds into the next (they do) but you can remember it all. We've got suggestions below to help you to do just that.

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Write your story. As a new parent you may not think you have a story, but you've just gone through pregnancy and childbirth, and you have given way to a new life in your life. Writing it all down and approaching a bindery company to get that book bound together and onto your bookshelf is a great way to remember those newborn days. You don't have to write the second the baby is born, but use dictation software on your phone or record WhatsApp messages or just go back and reread all the messages and photos and even re-listen to voice notes that you had on the day your child was born.

Write down every detail of that new baby. Their date of birth, their weight, the length, the head circumference, the colour of their first babywear, which brand of diapers you've used, all these tiny and seemingly insignificant details can help you to remember those moments in an instant.

Buy a newspaper and magazine. You can remember those newborn days by buying a newspaper or magazine of the day they were born. This will take you back to what the headlines were when they first came into the world so that they can see what newspapers looked like before they went digital, and they can see what was important to the news around the world at that time. Of course, the new baby is the most important thing in the world, but they will be able to see what other events are occurring.

Take advantage of technology. Set up cameras in your home and record them so that you can edit the material and watch them back and create your own baby movies. Those early days when they take their first steps, or crawl or roll or giggle - all these things matter and being able to look back on them is important.

Ask others to help. Get videos and pictures and diary entries from other people’s perspectives such as grandparents, aunts and uncles. They will have a whole other clear of what it's like for you as a new parent and what it's like for them to go into their new roles in life, too.


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