How Am I doing?

The amount of text, emails, face book messages, phone calls that i have received shows me how much I am loved thru all this.

I was angry yesterday,
very angry in fact
All i could think about was all the money spent on medication, Dr visits, time taken of work
I told Andrew what the doctor said.
He was happy because he was looking at the positive side of it,
i was so upset that I could not look at anything positive.

Today I saw the surgeon who reassured me they will find out what the cause of this is.. after battling for 2 years, changing my diet, cutting out all"bad" for IC food, changed my entire life... all for something I didn't have.

It is very frustrating but I know doctors are just human as well, they make mistakes....
this was a pretty big mistake though, I was about to live without my bladder and I still would have had pain.. i am glad it did not get that far though.

I had my pre op today, will get the call for surgery in a few days, I a ready for this part of my life to be over, I have had enough pain for a life time.

Thank you to all of you for showing me the love during this sickness.


  1. I'm so sorry you've had to go through all this! :( Praying you find the answers!

  2. So sorry for all you're going through. I've been having mystery pain in my side that no one seems to be able to diagnose. I think not knowing is worst than the pain sometimes!

  3. Wow, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine going through so much pain and all, only to be misdiagnosed. Thank goodness they did catch it finally. Praying for you!

  4. Wow-sorry to read about your health care woes and misdiagnosis-that sucks for sure. And ya know what good for you venting and being angry-you are most entitled to feel that way. I hope after a good night's sleep you feel better about your situation in the morning. Sending good thoughts, positive vibes and prayers your way!

  5. Hugs, mama! Thinking of you as you go through this.


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