Weekend recap

Weekend Recap

Friday: I was glad when it was time to leave work for the day at 2pm, I have been dealing with a situation at work and I was truthfully glad to get out of there. I went to treatment, hubby got me from there and then we went to drop Brooke off to a friends house for a sleep over.
We went to Church Growth Conference, then we went to Boston Pizza for date night, we had this:
Those Wings were hot, I smelled them and it took my breath away. 
We came home and we both went to bed by 10:30 pm, we were exhausted and I was feeling like a head cold was coming on, Exciting date night, it was nice to just go to bed when we wanted besides I like to cuddle that man. 

I was home alone til around 3 pm, i got up around 10.30- 11 and cleaned my house, then hubby came home ( he went to the office to do some things to a project he is working on, plus the over time money is great for our upcoming trip ( a whole blog post on it self) ) , then we went grocery shopping, i just wasn't feeling up to par and it was kind of a waste of a trip, I didn't even look at my list. 
Made some pumpkin cupcakes for work for Monday,  then tidied the house more and relaxed and did some sewing again. 

We had a visiting minister today from Katy Texas, it was amazing, we had a baptism, it was a blow out time. 
Dale got baptized 

Odette ( love this lady so much) got baptized

Brea got baptized- she is so funny, can make everyone laugh all the time

2nd time she was in service and got baptized

We went to eat at Wendy's after, now i'm home and wishing I had enough energy to tidy the kitchen but i don't and that's ok because it will still be there tomorrow.
Have a great week 


  1. I always notice how tight-knit your church community looks! That's really a wonderful thing. It looks like you had a nice date night too!

  2. This wings looked heavenly. Your weekend recaps are always interesting. :)


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