Hugo, the Happy Starfish- Review

Hey lovelies,

I was given the pleasure to review this amazing kids book, I admit I keep it on my computer and I read it nearly every day..

This lil guy was finding life dull and he was in search for happiness, he searched for a long time but then he realized there was one thing that made him happy that is sharing with other people.

As adults we can learn from this guy, so many times we think Happiness will be found if we had this career, if we bought this item, or if we moved here.. well guess what..

Happiness is found within, no career, no item or no move will make you happpy if you do not have happiness within, look deep within and find your happiness..

Go here to buy this little book- it is so adorable


I was gifted this book in exchange for my honest Review, al thoughts are my own 

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