Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie for Confessional Friday
1.      I confess to you that I am tired of my blog not growing, I have been stuck at the same number of followers for over a year, 634 needs to change, can you help me? I am open to hearing ideas to make my blog grow as well.
2.      I confess I am looking forward to a getting out of town tomorrow and having a family day and Brooke’s birthday party at Crystal Palace ( indoor amusement park), hubby said I can hang out at the mall ;) bad suggestion honey
3.      I confess I am so relieved that we now have all of our furniture for our house, come on Sept 1.
4.      I confess I am jealous that hubby is going to Winnipeg for his cousins wedding and Brooke and I cannot go…holy hanana banana tickets are expensive to fly there.
5.      I confess I had no time to shower this morning- the alarm did not go off until 7:58, I work for 8 am- I arrived by 8:45… maybe the alarm knew we needed the sleep.


  1. Glad I stumbled across your blog! I tried to follow you but don't see a way to do so?

  2. I have found that participating in giveaways is the best way to gain followers. Have you ever tried that?


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