Weekend Recap

hubby picked me up from work at 4:30 and we went to the mall for dinner and also to meet Brooke's friend that was coming for a sleep over... we ate dinner and then decided to do a lil shopping and some grocery shopping. 
When we got home friends came by to take us to Booty's for a ice cream and a burger, hubby was planning to mow the lawn and so I went with them- it was a nice time. 
Watched some TV and went to bed. 

Brooke's birthday party day
She did not want a 'big' birthday party but wanted to take two of her friends with us to the amusement park 
Crazy Submarine 


Roller coaster, they are in the last two carts 


She is doing Miley Cyrus she said ;) 

Andrew stayed there with the girls while I went to the mall and shopped, I got some new clothes and some David's Tea- have you ever been there, I love it. 
I got my rings cleaned while there, I love a clean shiny ring

We ate at Taco Bell and did some more shopping and presents and came home. 
We had plans to go visit some friends later in the evening but I fell asleep around 630 and slept until 7 am sunday morning, I guess I needed the sleep and that was how my body reacted. 

I love this girl- she will soon be heading off for university, she will be a music teacher, I am so proud of her. 

I got this new dress yesterday and shoes from Marshall's when I was away in June on vacation.
Brooke went to a sleep over so we had a date night and went to East Side Mario's after service and had nachos and wings. 
Tomorrow is a holiday here so I am going to clean my house thru and then relax later in the day. 

Have a great week beauties <3 


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Are you feeling all teary eyed about your daughter going off to college? I have about four more years before my first one leaves and It makes me happy and sad right now just thinking about it.

  2. What did you get Brooke for her birthday? I know you were talking about it and didn't want to share it because Brooke read your blog.

  3. I am too sending one off to college. He will be playing football and studying to be a PT. What a great birthday party for Brooke. I bet she enjoyed spending it with a couple of friends, it is so much better than a whole herd of them. ♥

  4. I love the idea of doing a weekend recap post! I see so many bloggers do it but I never think too...and I should seeing that I'm in Italy and do A LOT over the weekend! I think it's going to become my new thing ;-)

  5. @Tami
    we got her a giraffe- she loves them and this one is pretty big ( not real, cell phone, ipad case, office supplies

  6. Shopping is always a fun weekend to me! ;)

  7. Sounds like an awesome time! Your rings look so sparkly all clean. :)

  8. wow what a fun weekend you had! Your rings look beautiful, i love how they look when you first get them back after a cleaning too. I understand how you feel with your daughter getting older... it's soooo hard to let them go.

  9. You look great in that dress with those awesome red heels! I'm glad y'all enjoyed the amusement park and had a fun birthday party.

  10. Oh wow what a fun day that looks like. I love seeing black and white with red shoes ! Love the dress :)

  11. Love your sparkly ring and red shoes! It's so nice to get a new outfit.


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