Weekend Recap

Hubby picked me up for a lunch date, we went to a little diner called Sunshine Diner- I had turkey dinner poutine, it was so delicious. 
When I got back to work I started getting sick with a fever, coughing, sneezing and chills... I was feeling so miserable. 
After work I went to bed and then we had a friend come by and we watched some shows on TV, ate pop corn and pepsi and just relaxed. 
Then I went and scheduled some blog post for 7 weeks worth, I am so glad I have a lot of draft posts ;) 

First Saturday in a LONG time that we did not have to go into town for any errands, we stayed home, slept in, watched some netflix while laying in  bed, got up and decided to pack some more and then cleaned our entire room thru, packed a bunch.. I cannot believe we have 2 weekends left here with the pool :( SOB 
I was feeling sick again so I went back to bed around 4 and slept til 7, grilled us some dinner and then we went and got " God's Not Dead" movie- It is powerful. Not to start a debate here but every person in the world needs to watch this. It is so powerful. 

WE had to go early for sunday service as our Pastor is away and we need to set up for service, as we are not having it at a church anymore. We set up and then tear down after the night service. 
A lady from church who used to be my sunday school assistant, invited us over for sunday lunch- it was so nice and so delicious. 

Tomorrow begins Marriage Tip Mondays, be sure to check it out 

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  1. I haven't been in here is a while and I must say that I always look forward to your marriage tips! You have a beautiful perspective and steadfast love for your family!


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