Confessional Friday

Another time to tell it all 

1) I took Brooke boot shopping last night- gosh that one is hard to boot shop with, she is so particular and only wants a certain thing... finally have 4 stores she went back to the first ones she picked. 

2)Wednesday night my cord broke for my mac book- so I hauled out the old windows computer.. I am a mac person so it was so hard to use the windows computer.  I had to go into town first thing Thursday morning to get a new one, $112 later.. I was gonna wait for eBay but I just couldn't, I have a lot of work to do before then

3) Tonight I am burning the midnight oil while writing this and doing some church stuff. Being an events coordinator sometimes is a lot of work.

4) Have you ever Creativlei's blog... that woman is the queen of craftiness.. she just did a Love your Lettering series and wow I learnt so much from here, you should all check her out, she could be my new BFF. I feel like I known her forever and I have just been following her on social media for a month
.Looking at life CreativLEI

What's on your mind this week.


  1. It has been so fun getting to know you more, Terri! I wish we were neighbors, I'm certain we'd get along quite well! :)

  2. Ever since I became an Art teacher, I've been obsessed with craft blogs. I'm on Lisa's blog right now. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the blogging Love

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