Date Night idea 10

Date Idea 10 

No technology night
This means no phone, ipad, computer etc.

Sit and have a heart to heart together, you can find all kinds of conversation starters on line such as:


and there are thousands more if you just do a basic google search. 


  1. We have no technology EVER during dinner. EVER. That's our together time as a family!!

  2. With the constant draw of screens my husband and I try to be intentional about eye contact. If we have to answer someone or do something on the phone we politely let the other know. Best to just put it away!

  3. i think the "no technology" night would be great for singles and for couples and for families as well!

  4. But that's so challenging!! Haha! I'm kidding, but kind of not kidding. :) One thing I've been wanting to do lately is have a no technology after a certain time at night policy. It's been really hard, but it helps me get to bed earlier which then helps me get up earlier and I feel like I get so much more done!

  5. Love this idea!!
    God is GREAT!

  6. We have the "rule" that if we are out to eat, not looking at your phone! Although, we have become a tad bit more flexible for when the kid's are at the babysitters. But still, no surfing Facebook. :)

  7. we haven't had a proper date night in way too long. This needs to be remedied.


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