Confessional Friday

I am slightly addicted to David's Tea- I just cannot get enough of it.. there are so many of my fav flavours: 
Goji Pop- reminds me of summer
just to name a few 

They just opened one in the mall here so it is a bad habit, before that the closest was 2 hours and I would go and buy a bunch when ever I was there but now I can go weekly ;) 

2) I have been volunteering at a radio station on Monday nights, it has been so much fun, I answer phone and I am the assistant to the DJ, it is fun, I love it

3) Hubby has his work Christmas Party this coming Wednesday, and he is taking me as his date ;) I am excited to go, we always have a great time. 

4) I have a sick baby girl- she had a high fever last night, thankfully it broke and I need her to get better because we may go see the Peanut movie this afternoon. 

What are you Confessin' today?


  1. My husband just invited me to be his date to his company's Christmas party, as well! ;D It's actually a big deal because we've only been on a handful of actual DATE-dates in our entire dating and marriage life, which is over 9 years! haha!

  2. Volunteering at a radio station!, sounds fun! Glad your little girl is feeling better, mine had strep last week but now she is coughing really bad and I'm starting to get sick :-(

  3. awwwww - glad your family's feelin better! :D

  4. Confession- my hubby is leaving for Africa Tuesday and I'm thrilled, but freaking out a little. I'm glad your little one is feeling better and I hope you enjoy the movie :)


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