Weekend Recap

It has been nice to sleep in but some days it is also nice to get up and go do something fun like take care of this cutie pie while his parents were working for the day ( and I know his mom reads here, so Hi Amy) 
This kid makes me so happy, makes me feel more like an auntie as I am his honorary auntie and my sister is so far away that it is hard to be an actual auntie but only 40 days and we are together!!!! This auntie will get 10 whole days with her nieces and nephews, we also get to see my husband's brother so that will all be so nice, my auntie tank will be over flowing. 

Hubby took me out to dinner after that and we did some shopping for Brooke's gifts, never found what we are looking for, so we will head out again tomorrow, I cannot walk a lot without much pain, so when I got home my feet and back were killing me- and I even had comfy shoes on, I need to get some insoles for my feet and my back well that's more talk for another day. 

I also got a new baby cousin, he was born at 35 weeks but he is doing much better then dr's thought, I cannot wait to meet him on our trip home

So far he is nameless as he was born and she didn't have a name yet. 

We stayed up late watching tv and being with each other. 

We had such a lazy Saturday, it was so lazy, it wasn't a late morning of sleep, thanks to the neighbours who were replacing the roof on their house, we were woken up late but that is ok because that is something they needed to do, I then cleaned the house and got ready for the day, we went shopping around 2pm, I needed to look for a couple of things and I did get one of Brooke's gifts which is something I never ever thought she would want, but I think she will love it, let's wait and see. I can't share anything more because she reads here sometimes. 

Our friend Sam came over for some nachos, wings and hockey. Bruins won, whoop 

We did the normal Sunday church, lunch, naps and back to church again. 
Here is a picture of my friend and I from today

Then I took one to send to my sister of my new outfit and hair..

Have a great week!


  1. Nothing like kids to make the day fun!

  2. it looks like that you guys had a great weekend!

  3. My daughter has quite a few honorary aunties and she loves every one of them!

  4. What a lovely post! - Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!!!

  5. What a gorgeous, loving post in the middle of a tough week! Thanks.

  6. So many cuties in this post! And you look beautiful!

  7. Yeah for a great weekend! I know you are so excited to see your sister soon.

  8. Oh my word! What an adorable smile that little guy has! So cute! :)


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