35 !

Years ago the world became better because you were born. You are my best friend, my soul mate and my Forever. 

I love you for the following 35 reasons
1. He is truly a gift from GOD.
2. He is so cute.
3. He’s a wonderful father. BEST Dad ever.
4. He makes me know that he loves me everyday…
5. I can be myself in front of him.
6. I love his crazy sense of humor. He makes me laugh.
7. I love his smile.
8. I love his blue eyes.
9. He inspires me.
10. He cleans up messes i make.
11. Simply irresistible.
12. He is very responsible.
13. I love that he listens to me.
14. I love that he ask my advice.
15. I love how he still dates me
16. I love the idea that I’m suddenly happier the moment the he comes home from work.
17. He likes when i cook for him no matter how it taste.
18. He treats me with respect.
19. He loves me for who i am.
20. He is so caring.
21. He’s funny….A happy person which makes those around him happier.
22. I love his cuddles and snuggles.
23. He will do almost everything to make me happy.
24. I trust him more than i trusted anyone.
25. He works so hard.
26. I love the way that we are silly together.
27. I love that he is still the same man after all this time.
28. I love that he trusts my judgment.
29. I love his confidence in himself.
30. I love his intelligence.
31. I love that he knows that he can depends on me.
32. I love the look in his face when he’s being naughty.
33. I love holding his hand.
34. He is sweet and romantic.
35. He makes me feel beautiful inside and out.

Happy Birthday my Favourite.

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