Weekend Recap

Hi to you all. 

Brooke left for a four day weekend getaway to Youth Convention, there is a group of girls and guys gone from our church. 
I went to visit my friend Angie and we went thrifting, I found a new planner and 2 travellers notebook for $1 each, they have no idea what they were seeing obviously , the travellers notebook run about $30, and the planner about $40 so I got a great deal. I was excited. 
Hubby decided to take me on a date, so we went to a Chinese buffet and then we went to the mall to find him a birthday gift, he either wanted shoes or a thin flat wallet, he didn’t find shoes so we got him a wallet, we also got frozen yogurt at the yogurt bar. 

I slept in while hubby mowed the lawn, I had a friends Birthday party to go to, it was a afternoon bbq. 
Birthday girl with flowers 

We had all kinds of outside games

Birthday girl with her cake 

We were on set up team so we were there early.
Pastor and his Wife came for lunch, we had a BBQ, we were all childless as their kids are gone to Youth Convention as well.
It was a fun time, then back for Music practice for 5:30. After Sunday PM service we went to Mcd's for milkshakes with friends.
I fell asleep shortly after getting home, I was wiped from the sun for two days.

that does it for me, See ya later


  1. Looks like you guys had an absolutely fantastic and fabulous weekend!

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Isn't it nice to sleep in on Saturday's sometimes? My favorite!


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