Decorating the new house

When everything was final with the new house, I knew Brooke was going to want us to paint her room and I also want to paint our bedroom and the dining room at some point. 

The first change will be Brooke's room, being the princess she is off course it will be. My dad will come to paint for her and I will gather things to decorate it. 
First thing I need to find for her is black out blinds, the child has a rough time with going to sleep in the summer time, so I was browsing a website and I came across the black out blinds that are great. They have a great supply of disney theme blinds, Brooke is 12 so she wouldn't want that but they are perfect for the younger kids.  

She wants to keep her Paris theme, her bedding is black and white with a Eiffel tower and Paris in red, so we are going to stay with that theme. We may do a red accent wall but we are not for sure on that now, what are your thoughts on the accent wall? We are going to do all black furniture with red fully pillows, I cannot wait to get this room ready for her, it will be part of her Birthday present as well

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