Weekend Recap

I had a long weekend as I was on a vacation day on Friday.  Thanks to my boss who decided I have done a lot of work in the past three weeks and I should take Friday off. #mybossisbetterthenyours
I did absolutely nothing all day.. I slept in, went for a walk, cleaned the house, went for snap and did next to nothing.  Makes for a great day.  Brooke had youth at church... They had a service and Brooke played the piano,  hubby and I had a date night in, we ordered Greek food... Hubby wasn't feeling well so we ate in front of the T.V while watching basketball.

Saturday began early. We met a friend from back home for breakfast. Then went grocery shopping and hung out With a friend who was having a rough day, went to Michael's, I can spend forever in that store.

My best friend and I went out to dinner for her belated birthday, we also went shopping. It was nice to hang out with her.
The food was so good, we went to a new place that neither of us were there before. we shared an app- potato skins with goat cheese, for main course I had: 
It was fish cakes with dill and horse relish, rice with quinoa, and a garden salad
Then we shared a dessert- we went all out, it was so delicious. 

We had no set up as we were at our actual church building today, then we had a leadership meeting that was so great.

Moses ( our son) spoke this morning, I love this boy like my own blood child, in fact he is Brooke's older brother as far as she is concerned and we consider him our child. I am spot proud of his speaking to us, he does a great job.  

This is also the graduation weekend at the bible school, so our friends came down to be with their son, so we went out for pizza, I crave pizza so it was a welcome treat. 
She babysat me, sang at my wedding etc, now her daughter and Brooke are BFF's. 

This is her daughter in law to be, they are getting married in August. 

Now I am off to bed and another week has begun. 

Busy week over this way:
Monday- I work and then volunteer
Tuesday- Work and focus group
Wednesday- Work and small group and our 14th Anniversary
Thursday- Movie with a friend
Saturday- shopping for a baby shower, then a play with Brooke and then we go out to celebrate our anniversary.. 

Phew, I am tired just thinking about it. 


  1. Looks like you guys had an AWESOME weekend! :)

  2. I always LOVE seeing you dressed in your Sunday best. Sound like a lovely weekend in a beautiful community. Best wishes fo the new week (and new month) too. xx

  3. You have a busy week ahead and it sounds like a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday :)

  4. Now I'm craving Greek food...

  5. Glad you had a good weekend. I hope the next one is just as great.


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