Still wondering what to get your kids this Christmas? Here are 5 perfect gifts that will really last a lifetime...
1. THE GIFT OF A GOOD MARRIAGE: We wish as parents we’d realize that a vital marriage between you and your spouse is the best gift you could ever give your kids. It’s better than a Wii or an X-Box, and it’s the gift that would really last their lifetime.
2. THE GIFT OF TIME: We wish as parents we’d stop believing the lie that quality time is enough for your children. The only way to give quality time is to invest quantity time in your children’s lives.
3. THE GIFT OF DISCIPLINE: We wish as parents we’d see that discipline is a debt that we owe our children. I thought it was interesting that a recent survey showed that eighty-seven percent of college students said their parents weren’t strict enough on them. Make rules and set boundaries and stick to them.
4. THE GIFT OF SPIRITUAL TRAINING: We wish as parents we’d see that spiritual training is not optional but essential. Families today don’t need a small dose of God, they need a large dose of God. Children need spiritual training.
5. THE GIFT OF INTEGRITY: We wish as parents we’d practice what we preach. I wish we wouldn’t tell our children one thing and then do just the opposite. That has to be so confusing to our children. Practice what you preach and model values and integrity!

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