Holiday Hints

Here are some hints to help prevent stress during this holiday season 

1) Plan ahead your schedule- do not schedule too much or you will be worn out and not totally enjoying the season 

2) Plan your menu ahead of time 

3) Fix food items that can be frozen ahead of time

4) Plan your budget for gift buying, noting for who you will buy and what you will spend as you purchase the gifts, take note and cross the name of 

5) if you are ordering online, order it with plenty of time to arrive. 


  1. Planning a budget is the hard part!

  2. I'm trying to do more planning these days

  3. Great suggestions, Terri. I actually make the list of my 13 grandchildren and their ages on Chr Day out in August. Then I keep that list with me and buy and mark their name off with what I got through those months. Sweet.


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