The Joy Model- Review

An increasing number of adult American Christians are frustrated. Even as they read their Bibles, listen to sermons, and hang out with other Christians, they become painfully aware that something is missing—joy. As a result, many have given up on their faith being a source of joy, and instead seek meaning, purpose, and joy through their Christian service, work, relationships, hobbies, possessions, or even more destructive and hollow substitutes.

In the case of The Joy Model by Jeff Spadafora you have much more. This book is at minimum the personal story of Spadafora’s transformation at halftime in his life. His is the classic spiritual form of a Horatio Alger story that takes a person who is impoverished spiritually who becomes a growing, maturing follower of the Triune God.

Spadafora wisely recommends this journey not be experienced alone. There must be a community of people with whom to connect who are seeking to address same or similar issues in their lives. Further, a coach is of tremendous assistance to help people on a journey to stay focused, get through the bumps, and accelerate the process in their lives.

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