Being a home owner

We bought our first home last summer, so we have spent one year in it.  It is fun to find the perfect d├ęcor, wall colors, art, furniture, blinds, curtains, rugs etc.

Instead of doing it all at once, it is recommended to buy 2 great pieces that you just love and cant live without per year
Shop around, don’t grab something just because you are tired because 6 months down the road you will regret it, shop til you find the perfect piece

Blinds or Curtains: I am not a curtain person, I mostly enjoy my blinds and some of the windows in my house are oddly shaped and I went looking for some blind websites and I came across Velux 
Some of the ones that caught my eye

They have all you need for blinds and for any room and what I truly love is that you can buy extra cloth to go with the blind for the spring cleaning :) 

Are you a blind or a curtain person? 


  1. If you take your time and get good pieces, you can build your home and make it a haven for your family. How fun that you just bought your first home last summer!Congratulations!

  2. Your house looks beautiful! I love the flower centerpiece, are those fresh or silk? Great advice too for waiting to find the perfect piece a couple at a time :)

  3. Beautiful home. Thanks for the tips. I am a shutter person.

  4. We move into our first house in March (its a condo currently being built). Luckily, we have a lot of the furniture already, but deciding on a colour scheme and accent pieces will be both fun and challenging. Congrats on your one year anniversary with your house!

  5. I like my decor to reflect who I am as a person and the memories I have.

  6. A beautiful home for a beautiful soul! Some things are worth waiting for! I shop at the end of seasons to see if there is a new piece I would like to add. I'm a patient person and refuse to pay full price for anything :-) It has paid off many times!

  7. Those are cute blinds. My kids would enjoy them.


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