Me, shopaholic, not a chance...

The title says it all... 

I am a shopper, I love it, I can shop from morning to night and still go back again the next day etc... since discovering online shopping now I never wanna hit the mall up, I can sit at home in my comfy clothes and shop all night so now I am always on the lookout for some family-friendly shopping spots, meaning I can buy things for the whole family from one website and not have to enter my payment information on several websites, ( yes maybe I am lazy).. 

Today I want to tell you about a great place to shop online - Engelbert Strauss, who is specializing in the field of gardening & house development clothing and types of equipment, DIY tools, personal protection, safety wear, work wear etc. I mean everything in one place and you can sit on your couch or in bed and order ;)  
I have shared this site with my co-workers as I work in a car dealership with a service dept and the mechanics need work clothes and safety footwear, so why not share the good news, Engelbert Strauss offers a wide range of products in different shapes, materials, and colors, suitable for amateurs and professionals 

 I am a shop-a-holic and I have some several tried and true that I use over and over. 

Amazon.ca- So I recently signed up for Amazon Prime... and I am addicted, now I never want to purchase from Amazon again unless it says Prime, so I can have it in 2 days, I can buy anything I want on there, no more Walmart for me... recently I have purchased 2 dresses, 2 iPad cases, birthday gifts for my son, and I am waiting for more to arrive. I think I may also do back to school shopping and hang out on my couch instead of braving the crowds at Walmart etc. 

Sears.ca - I grew up with a Sears catalog that we would use to order everything as the small town I lived in did not have any shopping malls, so any clothing, footwear, toys etc had to be ordered and shipped, it could take upwards of 10 days. Around Christmas time it was very exciting because there were lots of Sears packages coming into our home and Christmas morning we would find out what was in the pkg. 

Wish.com-  This is a newer site to me and although the shipping can take forever the prices on there make it worth it for me, I love a good deal, Wish has toys, gardening, crafting, DIY, school supplies, clothing, books, jewelry, electronics etc.  It is like eBay only you are not bidding but you can find almost anything you are looking for.  

What about you, where are your favorite places to shop, would you prefer to go to an actual mall or shop online?

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  1. I still like to go to a brick and mortar building to buy what I need, except for books that are so much cheaper online!

  2. I am an Amazon Prime junkie too. Especially for cat food. Now it comes to my door and I don't have to lug it around. I also like to get my sugar free vanilla from there because it is so much cheaper.

  3. Great list! I might have to check out Engelbert for gardening and DIY needs! Also, Amazon Prime is hard to beat ;)

  4. I'm actually not fond of shopping unless it for food, house supplies or books. And I if I have to go into a store I usually have a game plan on how to get what I need and leave.

  5. I do love Amazon prime! So much easier than lugging the littles with me into the store!

  6. This made me chuckle. As a little girl my mother would bring me to (what used to be) Dayton's and Marshall fields weekly and have me try on clothes, this made me not love shopping so much when I got older...however, whenever I get paid I like to shop for "things"...crafty stuff, books and more notebooks and pens than are necessary....I guess I got the bug after all. Great post!

  7. Oh the nostalgia of the Sear's Christmas Catalog! I loved when it came and I would sit down and circle everything I wanted hoping to get at least a couple of things. I love Amazon Prime too! I also use grocery shopping services to because I order what I need and it is delivered to my door. I hate grocery shopping and lugging groceries in the house especially when we purchase water. It is worth the $20.00 for delivery and tip to have them do it! I would probably spend and additional $20.00 on stuff I didn't need if I did it myself anyways. It also helps me stay on track for healthy eating too! Amazon is the place for paper products.

  8. Oh my gosh, I grew up on the Sears catalogue as well. It was always a happy day when it came in the mail!

  9. I could shop online all day, especially at Amazon. A few hours later and I've accomplished nothing around the house. But it is how I tend to send gifts these days.


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