Dear Moses

Dear Moses,

Wow, I can barely believe the big day has finally arrived. I imagined how this day might be for you from the day I met you, I did not give birth to you but you grew in my heart, the son I never delivered but the son I received. I am so proud that you are standing before your loved ones and starting your marriage today. Congratulations on your wedding, my amazing son.

I can't help thinking about what brought you here to this day. I'm so proud of the choices you've made as well as your many accomplishments.  From your graduation at NCC, your missions trip to Guatemala,  and now back in school to do IT, You seemed to know innately how to live a balanced life, and you've taught me a lot about that.

May you feel the deepest joy all throughout your wedding day and find small ways to keep that joy alive for you and your bride as the years go on. In the 15 years that I've been married, I've discovered that the secret to finding deep joy and ongoing meaning in your relationship boils down to three things that are within the power of you and your bride. 

1. Humbly apologize when you make mistakes. 2. Never act against one another in anger. 3. Show your love in small, unselfish ways on a daily basis. 

I'm sure that you've heard the jokes about people who end up unhappily married, but the truth is that your marriage is your own to treasure and make of it anything you want. Please choose to make it magical, special, and sacred, for then the happiness you both feel together will only increase over the years. You will get from this marriage what you are willing to put into it.

Oh, Son, I hope that you take these things to heart. I cannot tell you how much we adore Kim. We welcome her into our mad and adoring family with open arms. She is all I hoped you'd find in a mate. I vividly remember when you first introduced her to us and I knew she was the one for you when I saw the way she looked at you that evening. You deserve the love reflected in her eyes.

Congratulations again, sweet Moses. Kim adores you unconditionally, and so I.  Take the time to feel and savor this love every day for the rest of your life.

Love you always and forever,


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