Childhood sports that have a revelance in adult hood

Kids like to have fun, there’s no doubt about that. They can be easily bored, and easily overwhelmed, and we always want them to have as best a time as they can. But because of this, we push them into a lot of activities when they’re young, hoping one day all the time and effort will pay off when they’re an adult. This can work wonders for their confidence and ability, or it can be the worst thing you could do, depending on how they react to your decision.

So you need to pick the right activities, and sports are usually a safe bet. And of course, if your child doesn’t like doing something, they should never have to continue! But if you’re looking to fit some extracurriculars into your child’s weekends, here’s a couple of sports that have the best relevance to adulthood, and provide them with a skill for life.

Little Austin here will be a world class athlete one day, as long as he’s having a good time! (Image)

A Martial Art

We want kids to be both book and street smart, and to know what to do when an emergency or panic arises. We can’t always be around to look after them after all, and they’re going to grow up one day and possibly live their life far away from you. So start them off with a bit of independence and capability when they’re young, and get them interested in a martial art form.

Kids thrive in environments like this, and with a weekly session, they can steadily increase their knowledge of how to defend themselves, have a bit of discipline, and how to focus nerves and other energies that make them a little hyper from time to time. And with tutorials on how to tie a karate belt freely available, they’re going to be able to manage the class from the get go!

Going Swimming

It’s a life skill that’ll make beach parties and swimming clubs a lot more fun and much more approachable, so why not get your kids interested in swimming when they’re young? If you know how to swim, you know how to cope in water, and you have a lot more control over your body than most people.

Kids take to water in the same way a duck would, and even as babies it’s pretty natural to open your eyes underwater and enjoy the time you spend swimming laps and somersaulting with bubbles up your nose! And it’s a sport that uses all of your muscles at once, so you know it’s going to keep kids fit and healthy even after a summer of icecream and lounging in front of a video game.

Getting your child interested in a sport usually pays off, as long as you’re not pushing them into it! Let them take to it in their own time, and have as much enjoyment as they can out of trying different activities with different people. It’s their life after all!

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