Pro tips: Turn Your Basement into a Kids Playroom

Having your kids run around the kitchen and leave their toys in the middle of the living room is very dangerous. But kids will be kids, so you better provide them with a fun and safe space where they can play their little hearts out! Take your unused basement, give it a little remodel and voila! You have a fun playroom for your kids. 
If you're looking to remodel your basement for your children, here are the must-have elements! 

Give your kids a grand entrance
Playrooms are all about fun, so why not spice up those boring stairs and turn them into something much more interesting. Build a little slide along your staircase and let the fun begin! This addition will not set you back by a lot, but it will certainly make a huge impression. Invest in something sturdy and even parents can have some fun!

Get some carpeting

If you want to make your basement comfy and soft enough for little knees and palms, you need to add some softness to the space with carpets. Even though most parents opt for wall-to-wall carpets, those are actually not the best solution. Basements often get moisture and mold, plus you can expect your kids to cause many spills and damage to certain high-traffic places. That’s why your best option is square carpet tiles. They are easy to install, come in many colors and each tile can be replaced individually!

Make it nice and toasty
If you want to have a functional playroom even during the coldest of winters, your basement needs proper heating. If you can’t run ductwork through your basement, space heaters are where’s it’s at!
They are cheap, practical and effective, plus they can be moved from room to room and from corner to corner! And don’t worry about scolds. Some new heaters have a cool touch edge which means they will not be too hot to the touch!

Air it out

Basements can often get stuffy and hot during the summer play dates, and all those electronic devices
don’t actually help keep your basement cool. So, especially if you live somewhere hot like Australia,
cooling is just as important as heating! Luckily, there are many Experts in air conditioning installation in Sydneywho can solve that problem in the blink of an eye. Just find an appropriate spot for your unit (don’t point it directly into the play area or couch) and your installers will do the rest. They can also conduct your regular maintenance, so you’ll not stay unconditioned in the middle of summer!

Boost storage
It’s very important to provide your kids with plenty of storage for toys, pens, books and their other prized possessions. Think open cubbies, drawers, baskets and chests. Go to Ikea and search for functional, cheap and age- and gender-neutral storage. And don’t eliminate tall pieces either! You can use upper cabinets for storing linen, out-of-season clothes and office things you can’t fit in your living area.

Don’t overdo it with color
Sure, little kids love all things colorful and shiny, but unless you’re ready to repaint and refurnish your basement every few years, better take it easy with color! Pick a neutral shade as a base and spice things up with fun and colorful details, toys and decorative accessories. These are much cheaper and easier to replace than pink sofas, purple cupboards and bright blue carpets!

Balance the space

Kids’ furniture is often shorter than normal, plus kids love to play on the floor and keep their things where they can easily reach them. That’s why playrooms often become too bottom heavy with very little happening on walls. But, to achieve a visual balance, hang some photos, drawings, posters, and memorabilia on the walls or even paint a mural. Blackboards are also super practical!

Don’t forget about parents
Small kids feel the safest when they are surrounded by their parents, so don’t forget to dedicate one corner of your playroom to adult entertainment. Plus, when you’re downstairs, you can easily keep an eye on your little ones and ensure they are safe and in good behavior. Get a cozy sofa for parents, a TV or a few books or even create a little home office in the basement! However, if you want to have a usable playroom even when your kids grow up a bit, make sure to have some sort of separation between kids’ and adults’ spaces. Sliding doors, folding screens, and drapery panels are all very cheap and effective.

Once you see the smile on your kids’ faces and hear their excited laughter, all this renovation will be worth it! So, go ahead, tackle your ugly basement and turn it into a magical playroom!


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