8 Home Maintenance Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

The holiday season is upon us and most of us are already planning decoration, putting together holiday menus and searching for gifts. However, if you want to have a pleasant, happy and smooth winter, make sure not to neglect the winter home maintenance chores. They might be not as interesting as decorating, but they are much more important. Let’s see what you need to tackle before winter hits. 

Check your heating system

You really don’t want to find yourself without a proper heating system in the middle of January, especially with young kids! So, before you start heating, make sure to call a pro to check your furnace and air conditioner. Unless you have a service contract, this undertaking will cost you some dough, but it’s nothing comparing to the price of staying in a cold home.

Reverse your ceiling fan

If you happen to have a ceiling fan, make sure to reverse it before the winter comes. This is something you can do by yourself by simply flipping the reverse switch that will make the blades turn the other way. This will cause the hot air to be pushed towards you and make your place nice and toasty. In some cases (if you have high ceilings), this trick allows people to turn down their thermostat a few degrees which means lower energy bills!

Check for draughts

Make sure your home is well-caulked and has all the necessary weatherstripping, especially around the doors and windows. A proper seal will keep all the warmth inside while keeping the cold out of your home! This allows you to conserve energy, lower your thermostat and do some winter money saving. In case your caulking and weatherstrips are old and worn out, replace them.

Inspect your plumbing

One of the biggest dangers of winter is frozen pipes that can burst any moment. So, if you’re planning to go away for the holidays or just spend some peaceful time at home, make sure to inspect your plumbing for cracks and damage. If you know your outdoor pipes are old, half-clogged and in need of replacement, don’t hesitate to tackle that project before winter hits. But if you don’t want to dig through your garden to lay new pipes, practical pipe relining can repair the damaged pipe and clear your drains without any disruption to your landscape! Plus, this method is a cheaper, safer and more durable alternative to pipe replacement.

Evaluate your roof

Grab the ladders and check your roof before winter sweeps through your city. Keep an eye on any loose, damaged and missing shingles and evaluate the overall condition of your roof. If you don’t know where to look, call professionals that will tell you all about your roofing and even inspect around your vents and chimneys. Also, if you live in an area with snowy winters, invest in a roof rake for removing dangerous snow buildups!

Replace alarm batteries

Sure, carbon-monoxide and smoke detectors should be regularly inspected all year round, but checking them again before winter is a great idea. Winter involves wood burning, cooking and candles which can all easily spark a house fire, so be ready for anything. Make sure every bedroom is equipped with a smoke and CO detector, together with your kitchen and living room. 
Remove screens from windows
One great thing about winter is that there are no insects to invade your home, so you can get rid of those window screens. Once you take them off, you might get a little more natural light that’s very precious during the winter. Plus, you’ll also eliminate the risk of snow getting stuck between the window and screen that can sometimes damage your frame, sill and caulking. If you do find you have damaged windows and decide you're better off to replace them, you can check out Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement and other replacement services. 

Take care of your landscaping

If you notice any long branches on trees in your front and back yard, especially around your roof, gutters, garage and windows, make sure to trim them. The snow can overload these branches and cause them to snap, damage your property and even endanger your family’s lives. Also, if you invest a lot of time into gardening and plant maintenance, it’s a good idea to get some plant protection for your shrubs and other greenery.
Use these home maintenance tips before winter knocks on your door and you’ll be surprised how much safer and cozier your home will be all winter round!

About the author: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and contributor on several interior design, lifestyle, real estate and eco-friendly blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.

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