Little Tricks to Up Your Makeup Game

Having the perfect makeup is not only a skill, it’s an art. But we can’t all afford to be
made up by industry pros every time we have a date, and following YouTube
tutorials never really ends up looking like the girls in the video. So let’s see what we
can learn from the pros and how you can up your makeup game with simple tricks
of the trade.

Play with lighting
The first thing you need to understand really well is exactly what the face is. A lot of
top makeup artists spend years just studying the face. Where are the dips, the hills
and what is the ideal face ? You might not need to go through all that work because
the only face you should be worrying about is your own, so get to know it well. Sit in
front of a mirror, take a light and keep moving it in front of your face and seeing
where the shadows fall. This will give you an idea of the shape of your skull and you
will memorize these natural guidelines for your makeup. This is the perfect way to
figure out contouring, creasing and highlights. Another lighting tip is to check out
your look under different lights, because the studio light in front of your mirror and
the neon ceiling lights that will be at the party might give a completely different

Know your colors
There’s more to creating a look than just the colors you think will go together nicely.
You have to think about the colors that are complementary to your skin tone, your
eye color and your undertone. All of us have a certain undertone: cold, warm or
neutral. There are many ways to test this, and after you’ve determined which one
you have, you want to stick to makeup that has the same undertone as your skin
color. Have you ever noticed that some red lipsticks just look a lot better on you
than others, even if they’re all a similar shade of red? It’s because of their undertone.
Your eyeshadow color should always be complementary to your eye color, because
blue eyes will never pop with a light blue eyeshadow, and you might end up looking
like the snow queen. Your hair color is no different: brows might look insignificant,
but if you don’t have perfectly toned eyebrow makeup,  it will be the first thing
people notice – and not in a good way. Your foundation, of course, should be a
perfect match for your skin, so look into lines that have a very wide range, or that
allow you to mix your own color. You might want to keep on hand several different
shades for different times of the year.

Less is more
If there is one thing that most celebs on the catwalk have in common is that it
doesn’t look like they have all that much makeup on at all. Now this isn’t completely
true, and that look of theirs was created over several hours, but in the end, it’s not
about bringing attention to the makeup – it’s about bringing attention to their
natural beauty. For example, if a makeup artist wants to make someone’s eyes stand
out, they won’t do it by creating an extravagant, colorful look – they will put some
highlight and shadow, put on a pair of false lashes and a lot of mascara. That will
bring all the attention to the eye , rather than the makeup. But less is more is a good
rule to follow in general, even if you are just doing your daily routine. Take it easy
with the foundation, don’t overdo your blush or highlight and just try to keep
everything natural.

Practice, practice, practice!
The pros make putting on makeup look so darn effortless, but when you try to do it,
it just doesn’t look right. That’s because, just like any skill, you need practice. They
do the in-the-crease-windshield-wiper motion a million times per day on a hundred
different eyes, so if you want to do better, you have to put in some hours. Do your
makeup for fun when you have some free time and really focus on the technique
you’re using. Practice blending, creasing, lining and everything else that you need to
complete the perfect look and it will become second nature to you in no time!
In the end, you have to remember that we all have our personal makeup style, and
nobody looks red-carpet-ready every time they leave the house. It’s perfectly okay
to just put on a whiz of mascara before you leave, and then do a full face the next
day. Find what is the best fit for your face and you will have a much easier time
completing looks that you are happy with.

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