Are dyson fans worth the buck?

Are you in the market for a new fan and wondering how much you need to spend to get quality? Have you heard about the quality of Dyson fans and now you’re wondering if they are worth the outlay?

In this article, we explore the merits of Dyson fans and whether the brand, known for its innovation, have made a fan worth spending more on than their competition. Is it a marketing ploy or are the Dyson bladeless fans actually better than other fans?


One of the main benefits of the bladeless design of the Dyson fan is how silent it is. It has quiet mark accreditation, an independent seal of approval. If you are used to the white noise style sound of a fan which is more affordable and has blades then this will come as quite a shock.

Whether or not noise is a priority will depend on personal preference. If you want to play music while you work, but need something to cool you, a Dyson fan can be quieter than both other fans and even air conditioning systems.

Some enjoy the noise of a fan, and it can be soothing and help you to sleep in the evening. This comes down to your own choice. The details on how the white noise created by fans can help you to sleep can be found here.


Safety should always be a consideration. This is especially true if you are putting a fan into a room where you have children or even pets. With no spinning blades within the Dyson fans, there is no need to worry about something going wrong and causing injury.

The risk of a fan isn’t huge, but it is still worth being careful. If you are leaving a fan on for a young child, Dyson bladeless fans give peace of mind.


The look of your home is important.
This applies not just to the way you decorate, but to the items you buy to fill your house with. Some fans can look less than exciting. They can be downright ugly.

This post by Terri Grothe discusses the benefits of filling your home with the latest gadgets. If you want to be house-proud, and can afford the money it costs to purchase a Dyson fan then it may well be worth the buck.

Let’s face it, they look great. Naturally, they have a modern feel to them, but this is the case with all fans and is unavoidable. Dyson fans are easier to keep clean too, so won’t make your home start to look messy.


Another area Dyson fans really excel is their controls.
Both desk and tower fans in their range have up to ten different settings. These can even be set from a remote control, so you don’t have to get up to adjust to a comfortable temperature.

Other controls include a sleep timer so you can set your Dyson fan to switch off during the night so it doesn’t waste energy or make the room too cold while you are sleeping.

The Alternatives

This exact technology is not available anywhere else.
As you might expect from the Dyson brand, they have “patented Air Multiplier technology” so it can’t be used by other brands in the same way. They explain that their fan works by “creating a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow”.
There are some legitimate alternatives though.

Other bladeless fans: These tend to use oscillation and are often noisier and not as well-reviewed as Dyson models, which are clearly the best in the category. You can read this review of a Dyson fan to see in details how the Dyson fans stand against other popular brands of bladeless fans.

Bladed fans: If safety and noise aren’t the biggest concerns, this can be a consideration. They’re far from ideal, and can be an eyesore as well as not as effective, but they are significantly cheaper.

Air conditioning units: It is true that Dyson fans are expensive. They’re well built, and a long warranty helps, but for a little more you could consider an AC unit. These will require installation, which is awkward and can be expensive to run (more so than a fan) but they do offer a lot of control.


Have you enjoyed our post on whether Dysons are worth the buck?
Overall, we feel that Dyson’s range is excellent and if you can afford it, their safe and reliable fans are worth the expense.
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